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Prepare Your Home

How To Prep a Home for a Photo Shoot


home buyers will view a property online before setting up a showing. Buyers are hypercritical when looking at images online. Within the first couple images, a potential buyer will decide to investigate further or move on to the next listing.

At a minimum, the house should look clean and organized

Decluttering countertops go along way in making a home look open and inviting

Smaller things, such as removing visible garbage cans, can also make the house look cleaner

Check to ensure every light fixture in the home turns on with a working light bulb

Pre Shoot Checklist

We have designed a pre-shoot checklist tailored specifically for real estate agents. Its aim is to reduce the time our creative specialists spend on cleaning and increase their time behind the camera.

Before our arrival, both you and your client must ensure that the following tasks are completed. The distinction between a prepared and unprepared home is crucial, potentially affecting the quality of the marketing materials we provide you. This is all in YOUR BEST INTEREST!

While not every item on the list may apply to each house, these specifics are crucial. Many of the listed requests are easily overlooked in the rush of preparations.


Our goal is to ensure a smooth appointment for everyone involved. Generally, clean and well-staged homes tend to sell faster than cluttered ones. When potential buyers can envision the space without the distraction of personal items, it enhances the appeal. We are committed to delivering top-notch quality and rely on your assistance in setting the stage for a successful shoot.

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